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        To aid pursuit of world peace by publishing humanistic texts to promote understanding among different cultures

         To provide a better understanding of ourselves and the challenges we face in a rapidly changing multicultural world  

Operating Philosophy:

      To recognize that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act toward one another in a spirit of kinship [adapted from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights]. 


Site Organization

Authors' names are used for chapter titles, which are arranged alphabetically on the Home Page. Extracts from a particular author or authors can be reached by clicking on the appropriate chapter title on the Home Page. On this and similar pages, underlined words can be clicked on as an alternative to the buttons of the same name.

Clicking on Timeline on the Home Page provides a list of the time periods covered. Within each time period, the authors are arranged chronologically (by date of birth, where this is known) together with brief biographies. Clicking on an author's name within a time period takes you to the a set of extracts from that author, together with a brief introduction and a list of sources.

A discussion of the picture of humanism that emerges from this set of extracts can be reached by clicking on Humanism at the top of this Background Page.

For links to other web sites carrying some original material in more extended form, click on Links.

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Material provided for use at this web site by other copyright holders is gratefully acknowledged at the end of each individual web page under Sources. In some cases, material is presented for which efforts to identify and contact the copyright holder have failed. This happens most often where a book is out of print and the publisher is no longer in business. Copyright holders identifying material for which they believe acknowledgement has been omitted should contact through the Comments page, and the matter will be rectified. We reserve the right to reproduce material for fair comment in this review.

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         Further background is provided in the Summary